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Home Security Tips for Foolproof Security

Security is of paramount importance. Whether it’s a new construction or an old set-up, security upgrades play an important role in keeping the home and business establishments safe and well protected.

Here is a list of pronounced tips to upkeep the security levels:


  • Exterior doors should have a professional grade deadbolt lock.
  • While installing a deadbolt ensure that the door jamb is well supported with wood and long screws. These are usually the weak links and give way when the door is pried or kicked in.
  • Place dowels in the frames of glass sliding doors. Also known as the ‘Charlie Bars’, these dowels prevent the glass doors from opening.
  • Ensure that your locks are fully functional. Jammed or stuck locks and compromised keys confer less than optimum security.
  • Install burglary alarm system, CCTV or surveillance cameras at the main doors.


  • Close curtains and blinds during dusk hours to prevent passersby from peeping inside. Alternately, consider using black window films that hinder visibility.
  • Carefully lock windows and sidebars. Lock windows properly even if you are leaving home for a short while.
  • Replace jammed or stuck dowels and thumb turn window locks with effective and efficient lock mechanism.
  • Consider using unbreakable glass for exterior windows.
  • Undertake periodical inspections and evaluations and replace damaged or broken glasses at the earliest.


  • Keep your spare keys at a safe area in a well protected armored box. Ensure that the box has a number lock with its code known only to a trusted few.
  • Never leave your keys unattended. When going out shopping, socializing, or visiting friends and family, lock your property properly and handle your keys carefully thereafter.

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